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#1 - 2017/08/15 01:28:36 PM

Team Rock wins the 2017 World of Warcraft Arena APAC World Championship!

After a fierce two-day tournament, Australia’s Team Rock rose above all, bringing home the $15,000 USD prize and one of the 12 tickets to BlizzCon, the final stage of the Arena Championship.

Typhoon Nesat not only brought its wind and rain to the Blizzard Stadium, but also its intensity to the 2017 World of Warcraft Arena APAC World Championship. After the first day, only four teams advanced: Ttukbaegi breaker from Korea, Team Rock and Avant Gaming from the Australia and New Zealand region, and ROC from Taiwan. On the second day, Ttubaegi beat Avant Gaming in the first match, while Team Rock won over ROC in the second.

Before the final game started, Yunex from Team Rock told Ttukbaegi breaker that they will bring justice to their Australian mates from Avant Gaming. And just like he predicted, they unleashed the fury of the storm onto their opponent, and took the championship with the final score of 4:1.

Team Rock will be advancing to BlizzCon in November where they’ll battle for their slice of the $280,000 prize pool. For more information, please follow us on the official blog or Blizzard Estadium fan page.