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#15 - 2017/07/28 07:53:00 PM
07/28/2017 08:40 AMPosted by Levíathan
Understand that what you are asking for is help in playing/progressing in the game, which is asking for a game play hint. "What am I doing wrong" is specifically asking the creators for information in a game that was designed for players to explore and discover what to do on their own (together).

Well put.

07/28/2017 08:26 AMPosted by Badgas
Not asking for game hints Balance weapon not being offered to me. What am I doing wrong??

There are a great many resources at your disposal, and can help point you in the right direction. Wowhead or Icy-veins is just a couple, you can also talk to your fellow players if you are stuck on a particular step as odds are they may have encountered the same thing. Knowing your destination often helps since you can look up "Scythe of Elune" on a site like Wowhead and find guides that list the required quests involved. You can use quest tracking options on these sites and even macro commands you can use in-game to verify which ones you may have completed, which will tell you where to go next.

Generally speaking, if you have a quest available that is from an important questline (Main Order Hall quest, Artifact Weapon Questline, Important story progression through a Zone, etc...) there will be an exclamation point on the map to indicate it. The tricky part, and something that seems to cause a bit of confusion, is not all quests involved in all Legion questlines remain within the confines of the Broken Isle.

For Artifact Weapon, Order Halls and even quests involving the history of key figures, you may need to visit other areas of Azeroth or even the Outland.

For instance, the last quest you completed for the Balance Artifact Weapon was "Disturbing the Past", which took place in the Deadwind Pass. The next quest "The Deadwind Hunt", comes from Revil Kost who is waiting there for you. If you look at your map of Deadwind Pass you should see the exclamation point beckoning you to go there. :)