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#1 - 2017/07/18 10:40:00 PM
We’ve added a heap of new content to the 7.3 PTR in this build, including:
  • The Seat of the Triumvirate 5-player dungeon
  • The third (and final) area of Argus, including World Quests
  • The Frost Death Knight updates we mentioned a few days ago
  • A few new updates, quests, and World Quests for Professions
  • The Netherlight Crucible

The Netherlight Crucible (accessible from the Vindicaar after completing the quest “An Offering of Shadow”) is a new way to upgrade new and existing Artifact Relics by adding additional effects and item levels. As your Artifact grows in power, the system will expand to allow more and more customization. We’d love your feedback on this system, including on the pacing of the upgrades as well as the upgraded effects themselves, so please let us know what you think!

At this stage, most of 7.3’s content is now available for testing on the PTR (with the raid being a notable exception). From this point, we’ll be focusing primarily on fixing bugs and tightening up the new content based largely on your feedback, so if you haven’t checked out the PTR yet, now’s a great time. Thanks, and happy testing!