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#1 - 2017/07/14 01:25:00 PM
My wife's account almost has flying unlocked, and only has two followers unlocked.

No campaign quests for Hunter are showing, cant see no quest icons on map anywhere in the world. Pillars of Creation, The deceivers downfall, Trial of Valor (Raid), Alter of Aegis, Eye of Azshera and Soul Prism of the Illadari, and a couple quests to continue in Suramar are all she has

Is she missing something? She has the "A "Noble" Event" from the mission board, but basically cant do it because she has no followers to do the mission with a high %.

Unlocking followers is probably the most confusing part in this game.

She has all the Pillars unlocked and done, done every zone except Suramar.

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#6 - 2017/07/14 05:53:00 PM
07/14/2017 07:03 AMPosted by Coug
Her Character name is Shaz on Dragonblight

Generally speaking if there is a quest available that is important you'll usually see it on your map. It will show up as an exclamation point indicating that there is a quest waiting for you.

When it comes to the Class Order Hall this can get a little tricky because sometimes the NPC you need to talk to is also the one that you are sending off on missions.

If you have run out of quests it is usually a good idea to check where you are with your Class Order Hall. If you don't have all of the Champions yet, it means you have several quests out there left to do before those other quests will become available for you.

Sites like Icy-veins and wowhead have some pretty good resources to help you determine where you are. The following lists the Champions you should have based on class:

In this case it looks like you need "Lending a Hand" which is from Emmarel Shadewarden, who when she is not on a mission will be around the bonfire or she'll be in the tower northeast of lodge.