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#1 - 2016/09/30 05:00:00 PM
As wed previously announced, our intention with gear rewarded from rated PvP in Patch 7.0.3 is for the chance to receive a Warforged/Titanforged piece of gear to increase as your rating increases. Weve recently discovered a bug that is causing that system not to function. Currently, rated PvP is always rewarding item level 840 gear, regardless of rating. That is not our intent.

Were currently working on a fix for this issue, and once its ready, well apply it during weekly restarts. We want to correct it as quickly as possible, but dont want to inadvertently punish players who have already collected their weekly bonus chests. Were also implementing more rigorous testing procedures for future PvP seasons to ensure that this doesnt happen again.

Realistically, we should have caught this bug during testing, but didnt. Thats completely our fault, and we apologize. That said, were not really happy with the current model for PvP gearing anyway (even ignoring this issue), and were planning to make a couple of key changes for Patch 7.1.

For starters, instead of having rating increase the chance for a piece to roll Warforged or Titanforged, it will increase the minimum item level that a piece can be. So, as your rating increases, you will be guaranteed to earn higher item level gear, regardless of whether it Warforges or not. Were also going to clearly tell you what the minimum item level you can receive is, to remove the guesswork.

Secondly, instead of basing gear off of your current rating, it will be based on the highest rating you earned in the previous week. This means youll always be rewarded for your best performance of the week, no matter when exactly that was.

Again, we apologize that we didnt recognize and correct the issue with the current gearing system sooner, but are hopeful that the changes in Patch 7.1 will result in a better overall experience for everyone.