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#1 - 2017/07/11 04:36:00 PM
Tell them clearly, and without ambiguity, that I've found a much better game.

It's one where quests come in much faster, they're more varied, they're MUCH harder and they're more rewarding. Nothing in World of Warcraft comes close. The gear is harder to get, random events are much more numerous, the soundtrack is better, and the paired play is superior in every way.

It's called "being a father". :)

Yep, I somehow found a girlfriend that I turned into a wife - even more amazing, she let me hop on the nasty and produce a beautiful little girl that is the most important thing I could ever imagine. Because she leaves precious little time for video games, it's time for me to move on (for the time being) and skip out on the best game I ever got the pleasure to play.

So, my thanks to you.

From starting on Kilrogg with my buddies Luxtiamat, Nocturnae, Vargotash and Neovenator to my final berth on Argent Dawn (with a few other servers in between), it's been a blast and one that's allowed me to meet some pals I'll have for life. I started during the Black Temple days, will never forget the reaction with my chums when we raided all of Wrath and defeated Arthas, and my first move from Kilrogg when Cataclysm's 10-man stuff was just too much for a pretty casual group.

Cataclysm was pretty poor, I had my say about it at the time, but it arguably laid the groundwork for some stuff that kept my friends playing - transmogrification is still great, Mists did a lot of things wonderfully, and I feel I'm leaving a game in rude health thanks to Legion (honestly, it's great).

I'm deliberately omitting that other expansion... I had my say about it at the time, and I'm sure some folks will remember. :)


I'm sure I'll be back at some point when I have the time, and I have little other than good memories of World of Warcraft, but I just wanted to say...

Thanks, guys. I'll miss most of you but, quite honestly, Sinestra's Wrack can go and DIAF.

Peace. :)

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#24 - 2017/07/12 09:41:00 AM
Congratulations! Best of luck with the epic adventure called Parenthood!