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#1 - 2017/07/11 06:02:00 PM
This is just a weird change imo. So now trolls can just get upvoted but not downvoted? Are we suppose to spam threads saying we disagree with someone which is just being obnoxious?

I mean, if you are getting rid of the downvote remove the upvote too. Otherwise you create the impression that some ideas are popular when it's just a matter of being unable to disagree.

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#98 - 2017/07/12 09:38:00 AM
11/07/2017 22:04Posted by Korrina
11/07/2017 21:57Posted by Aimee
We're EU, we don't get blue comments.
I think at the time this went live Aerythlea was probably off work. I only noticed it after working hours.


To reiterate the information provided by Ornyx:

Yes the forums were recently changed to remove the downvoting function.

We originally added this feature as a means for players to assist with forum moderation by upvoting helpful posts and downvoting inappropriate or toxic posts. In practice, however, we found that it was primarily being used for things like downvoting a post simply because they disagreed with it, which was not the intent, and too often led to different opinions getting unfairly buried. Moving to an upvotes-only environment will remove this unintended abuse, while still allowing players to give recognition to posts that have a positive impact on the World of Warcraft community.

As a reminder, you can still report inappropriate or abusive posts to the moderation team by selecting the “Report Post” option located in the dropdown menu on the right of the offending post.