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#1 - 2017/06/29 03:30:00 PM
Is it intentional that the mid-casting water was almost entirely removed? Healing Wave barely has any water flowing from our hands; it just looks like droplets and a bit of sparkles now. The only spell with the proper water animation left is Healing Rain.
Can we add more water back? It looks so plain and empty now, it's a little disappointing.

Also Healing Wave/Surge also got an animation update, which is nice, but no actual particle effect. I would've loved to see something like Resto Druid's new Regrowth but watery.

It just seems very lackluster compared to the other specs. I sure hope this is just the first "wave" (hah), and more tweaks are coming.

Also, Chain Heal's Glyph; Please make sure that it gives the new animation a nice watery look and doesn't just revert to the old Chain Heal particle.

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#2 - 2017/06/29 11:05:00 PM
The new Chain Heal animation is actually using the wrong texture on the PTR - in a future build it will have a more thematically-appropriate "watery" color, as intended (similar to the particle effects you can see as it dissipates).