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#1 - 2017/06/29 12:59:00 AM
Hello there! I know this isn't a complete overhaul and I wanted to say I do appreciate seeing some effort put into casting updates! Wanted to share with you my thoughts on Elemental Shaman from what I took a look at.

I actually really like Lightning Bolt spell effect. I like that the overload has a slightly different, lesser appearance and the full spell itself looks pretty nice!

I did not like the update to Chain Lightning quite as much! The "lightning web" we would get from overloads was very iconic and was one of the most fun "wow" factors we had in the game. With the update, the chain dissipates rather quickly between mobs and you don't get that factor as much anymore.

I like the touch on Flame Shock. Very cool.

As far as the actual casting animation, which would be for LB, CL and Lava Burst - It's interesting. It may grow on me. I'm torn on my initial reaction to it but I could definitely see it growing on me. It is a vast improvement over... well, nothing, though!

Hopefully we continue to see more of this. Would love to see what you have in store for spells like Elemental Blast and Earth Shock!

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#8 - 2017/06/29 04:54:00 AM
Thank you for providing early feedback on visual updates.

We are still in the early stages of PTR - there is a lot of work ahead to get this round of casters feeling the best they can. Providing specific details about what is missing the mark and why, as well as what is working well and feels great will help us guide the coming weeks of development.

There are many spell effects, animations, and sounds still being worked on, and will be continually introduced throughout PTR. Thank you for your thoughts, we are listening.

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#15 - 2017/06/29 05:24:00 AM
06/28/2017 09:58 PMPosted by Siebenheim

What about Warlock casting animations?

Our project to improve combat visuals is ongoing. Warlocks (and other specs) are being worked on, but were not ready for this patch.

06/28/2017 09:31 PMPosted by Tariy
I miss when my race determined my animations.

7.3 has a suite of new casting animations similar to our melee update at launch. Each race will retain their unique animations for many spells, while other spells will use new ones. Presently the core nuke spell for each spec (fireball, lightning bolt, smite, etc.) use race-specific animations, while less frequent highlight moments use class-specific animations, plus a few one-handed casts mixed in for differentiation, readability, and style.

We agree that custom race animations are critical to keep, but also that iconic spells like Lava Burst or Pyroblast deserve a defining, class-specific treatment.