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#1 - 2017/06/14 12:10:00 PM
So the first invasion on EU since the patch is now up and imagin my surprise to find that it is offering only 4 quests instead of the usual 6.

This means that spending hundreds of thousands of g to upgrade heirlooms to level alts will not make you go any fasters. In fact, it is now almost a requirement to do so just so you can get the same experience you did before 7.2.5.

I hope this is a bug because if this was planned it's such a shame that nothing was announced or included in the patch notes about this. I would've just done the invasions before the patch and saved myself all the g I spent this morning to upgrade the heirlooms. Or was thre a blue that I missed?

Feedback anyone?

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#15 - 2017/06/14 12:53:00 PM
I'll give this a blue-tag for visibility. Thanks. :)

14/06/2017 13:51Posted by Shootet
Yup, disabled an addon called World Quest Tracker and those 2 showed up.