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#1 - 2017/06/01 01:39:00 AM

I'm pretty baffled by the decision. I don't understand time gating the elite appearance when before legion, set appearances were available as soon as you achieved a certain rating. I understand they changed it due to not wanting people sitting 2k to finish out the set, but that's why they implemented the elite achievements. It's extremely flawed to me how a season 3 reward isn't even going to be available until the end of season 4. I mean, you can't even be guaranteed to finish out the set during season anyways because RNG gearing. I've heard they made the decision because they want to increase participation in season 4 by making you keep grinding for the appearance, but it just demotivates me to even queue next season because I know I can get it next season end anyways with 0 effort.

TL;DR: I don't understand the desicion to have the current season appearances unlocked at the end of the next season.

I just think it's an incredibly poor decision on Blizzards part, and I wanted to see what the forums input on this was.

EDIT: Recieved a response from the BlizzardDevs:

"The ensembles become available when those appearances can no longer be obtained in rated PvP.

Legion Seasons 3&4 share an armor appearance."


These are the things we'd like to see changed in regards to the elite appearance system (keep in mind please, both of these changes must happen, it's not one or the other):

- Elite ensemble available at the end of every season, regardless of appearance: I feel this is a suitable compromise from what I've gathered on the blue post on this thread. This would guarantee the players who earned their sets during the season the entire appearance if they could not get all of the set pieces to drop through the RNG system currently in place.
- Elite appearances are guaranteed to drop after 2000 current rating: If we are expected to finish out an elite set during season, and wait for ensembles to release at the end of a season, having a normal piece drop at 2150 does not sound logical. This way, you retain the system currently in place, while making it much easier for players to complete their appearances through guaranteed elite drops. I feel this would also be beneficial to the obliteration system, as the more elite drops you have, the more "elite" Echoes you will have for purchase.

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#114 - 2017/06/09 07:53:00 PM
When we added the elite ensembles to the game, we didn't intend for them to be the reward for hitting 2000.

The elite ensembles are there to act as a safety net for people who are unable to obtain the appearance while it's available through the normal reward system. We think it’s great that players who play a lot of rated PvP at a high level have exclusive access to these appearances for a period of time.