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#1 - 2017/06/05 01:27:00 PM
Baardoch, from our Web & Mobile team, wanted to take a moment to update you all on the progress of the Profile/Armory feature of the official website. The team has been actively reviewing and compiling community feedback from the official site, forums, fansites and forums, and committing code against it. Below you will find a quick bullet-point list of some of the items that we have updated since our May 9th launch.

  • Added support for Hunter stable pets
  • Added basic filters for Collections (Pets & Mounts)
  • Added support for multiple talent specifications and tooltip support
  • Fixed a bug preventing regular raids from showing as incomplete due to a Heroic-only boss not being killed
  • Fixed a bug preventing character title from displaying properly
    Additionally, we've made some minor tweaks and quality of life improvements to address some bug fixes on different devices and browsers. The team continues to work on new features and improving the existing ones. As more features and changes are released, we will be posting additional updates as appropriate. We appreciate your feedback as we work to support this important feature.

    Lok’tar ogar,