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#1 - 2016/12/05 09:29:00 PM
It has been 97 days since Legion has dropped and tab targeting is still just as broken, if not worse, than it was when Legion hit. We can argue that tab targeting has been broken since WotLK or Cata but it still worked, for the most part, pretty good until the launch of Legion.

There have been a large number of posts made and Blizzard refuses to acknowledge this issue. Targeting is a very basic and core mechanic that needs to be fixed. I would expect this kind of trash from a small indie gaming company that made some random $5.99 game on steam but not a massive company like Blizzard.

There is no way that this is the intended way tab targeting should work. We shouldn't target NPC's that are behind walls, behind us, 30 yards to the side of us, or NPC's on completely different floors than we are on when there are NPC's directly in front of us that we simply cannot target without giving up and actually clicking on them.

The developers went out of their way to break the console command to use the old targeting system and also broke the addons we could use to revert these god awful targeting changes. This !@#$ makes no sense.

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#52 - 2017/05/20 11:46:00 PM
Hey all! It looks like this post was from months ago and hasn't had any activity for a few months. Let's go ahead and start up a new post to continue the discussion.

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