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#1 - 2017/05/18 03:35:00 PM
Now to start of with I will say that it may be that I remember wrong but I am pretty sure that I saw this "Sub-forum" here once upon a time.

"Fan creations" or something along those lines, I am not sure how long ago it is now (At least before Legion launched) But I do recall having seen a forum of that maner here once upon a time, a forum dedicated to share fan creations like artworks, music or even whole expansion / raid / dungeon designs.

I do see the "Life of the WoW Community" sub-forum but that does not seem to be dedicated to fan created content in the same way as the previous sub-forum I am sure used to be here was.

The reason I am asking is because I've built up a list of "Raid Boss" concepts that I would like to share with a community and get feedback on, yet after much looking around I have found no own dedicated web-page nor even a Reddit section which is dedicated to creative minds sharing their "Raid boss designs / concepts" - And since WoW is the MMO I play the most, and that my concepts revolves around game mechanics which matches WoW I was planing to share my idèas here - Yet now without the Fan Created content sub-forum I am not sure where to turn my idèas - Or by that metric, if fan creations like this is even legal / welcome on these forums anywhere anymore.

If so then it would be nice if I could get a pin-point to what forum I should use as I don't want to bother the wrong crowd nor do I want a post to be taken down since it's "in the wrong place"

Thanks for your time and thanks in advance to any and all who responds to this post in order to help me out.

PS: I did not write WHAT Forum I was looking for in the title as typing "Where did the Fan Created Content Forum go" just ended up declining this post to be made for some reason - Most likely too long of a forum title I assume.

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#6 - 2017/05/18 04:47:00 PM
18/05/2017 17:12Posted by Dalanna
It's now named Life of the WoW Community. The sub-forum description seems similar (share fanfiction and so forth).

This. :)