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#1 - 2010/11/24 05:02:00 PM
Is it too late to change the name from CATACLYSM to "IT'S JUST A FLESH WOULD"?

With a name like CATACLYSM, I was expecting SO much more destruction in the world.
Instead, there a couple burn spots here and there, and a few claw marks in the ground...

A gnome with a flint could have started as many fires.

The graphic updates like SW are nice. IF got nothing new?? Not even a burn spot?

You guys went thru A LOT of work for the gnomer starting area, but since there is no AH there, it will be empty in a week. I went, looked, I don't see any reason to ever go back.
You could have spent that time working on some more destruction, more changes.
Most of the zones look the same as they did before the "CATACLYSM"

For as long as this expansion took. There should have been more. Deathwing didn't cause a Cataclysm, he caused a minor fender bender.

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#11 - 2010/11/24 05:27:00 PM
The world itself has changed far more dramatically than what you may have seen as of yet. That said though, the bones of the world are still very much in tact and we weren't going to suddenly reinvent the world from scratch. Some areas may seem somewhat untouched while others may have actually gotten a little bit better thanks to the efforts of the druids or different factions in the world. There has been a period of rebuilding by many of the races and reclamations such as for the gnomes and trolls. There have been fractures in the skin of the world down to the bone (you could say) that you can see and perhaps others that you can't see. There have been untapped talents discovered or even rediscovered as in evidence by the new race/class combinations for the "older" races (non-goblin/worgen races).

I suggest taking some time to get to know the world again from the ground up. It may just surprise you. She may look familiar to you, but she's not quite the same world that you've "grown up" with.