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#1 - 2017/05/11 01:10:00 PM
How do I get my second artifact for my Warlock? He is a level 110 Warlock, completed Pathfinder Part 1 and working on Part 2. His first artifact appears to be bumped up as high as it can go. I'm banking artifact power like crazy and reluctant to sell it if I may need it.

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#8 - 2017/05/12 02:27:00 AM
05/11/2017 06:10 AMPosted by Biggage
How do I get my second artifact for my Warlock?

You have run into a fairly common situation, Biggage. It looks like you started the questline at some point and then stopped before completing it.

I usually will recommend for anyone having trouble finding a quest for one of the Artifact Weapons is to look up the weapon individually and look at the chain to figure out where they may have left off.

You can usually look at the map to see if there is an exclamation point for you in that area.

Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester
Skull of the Man'ari
Scepter of Sargeras

In your case you completed Finding the Scepter, which led you to Western Plaguelands and Caer Darrow where Calydus was waiting for you. He has your next quest: An Eye for a Scepter.


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