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#1 - 2017/05/08 11:22:00 PM
I don't understand how this is such a hard thing to accomplish, if you can't keep up servers during prime time, how do you expect people to earn enough faith to spend their money on on your other games?

I exclusively only play 1 game from Blizzard and this is why. Servers randomly dropping (no realms available) less than 24hrs away from a maintenance. Instead why not just keep the little ITT tech dropouts working and fix the issues and cancel maintenance tomorrow, Just my opinion.

Time for some EA games, they actually like customers and keep servers live.

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#25 - 2017/05/08 11:38:00 PM
Hey all,

We're aware of issues with realms in North America which is resulting in the drops you guys are experiencing. This is being actively looked into, and I'll provide updates as they come to me here.

You can also follow along in the CS forum here, or on Twitter at @BlizzardCS.