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#1 - 2017/03/08 10:37:00 AM
Holy Priest Rebalance or How to make it viable and great again.
Hello everyone. My name is T0oky and I play a healer on Exorsus raid team. Currently my main character is Holy Priest, and actually this is the reason why I came here to deliver my thoughts on how things are going at the very top level of mythic progression.

Probably it is not a secret, that the very top guilds usually keep only 4-5 healers. These 4-5 people usually pick classes according to what they have seen on PTR, taking into consideration all the information they have about the next raid dungeon. The composition is usually being made for the entire dungeon, since there is a very little chance that you will HAVE TO change one healing class with another due to some reasons. After EN and ToV Devs said that the Class variety among healers was pretty good at the hardcore level. Now we can finally take a look at what classes top guilds, including mine, were using during Nighthold progression.
Here u can take a glance at class variety among top 10 Western (since I can’t check what classes have been used by Asian guilds) guilds on Guldan.

rShaman - 13
rDruid - 13
hPaladin - 11
Mistweaver - 2
hPriest - 1

As the result, we have a statistic that shows us that 3 healing specs are way more popular than others for hardcore progression. What is the reason? Probably people just don’t want to try out new specs like DC (not even presented here at all), Holy Priest of Mistweaver and it has nothing to do with balance?

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#203 - 2017/04/26 07:47:00 PM
The reduction to Divinity's bonus is reverted in the next PTR build. That actually wasn't meant to go to PTR after the buffs to Halo and Divine Star (if we'd kept the Divinity change, we'd likely have buffed the spec flat at the same time). Sorry about the confusion.