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#0 - 2009/01/13 10:27:47 AM
Stole this from the US forums, brought some good nostalgia :D
DONT turn this into a flame fest of the quest designers
More its to remember some of the nightmare quests that we for some reason kept doing even when we didnt want to :D
Satyr horns in ashenvale. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is a bad drop rate, and you need bloody loads of them

Main one though - warlock felhunter quest
Dunno if it is the same for alliance but:
Murloc camp in hillsbrad, then all the way back to the other continent to a centaur cave in thousand needles.
Then all the way back over to the other continent, to bloody wetlands, which is a nightmare for horde as you have to run all the way through a 30 - 40 zone and into a place with no FPs... Then back to Ratchet, again on the other continent

I wanted to slam my face onto the desk

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#67 - 2009/02/13 02:12:34 PM
I'm still looking for Mankrik's Wife. :/