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#1 - 2017/04/05 01:26:00 AM
One of the core mechanics of Broken Shore gameplay is that of acquiring Legionfall War Supplies to put towards constructing buildings, which in turn unlock various content and bonuses. Recently, we’ve begun to notice that some players have begun stockpiling their Legionfall War Supplies in order to use them at a later time. While this is fine to some degree, if it were to become a more widespread behavior, it could have severely negative effects on the rate at which buildings are constructed, thereby preventing those bonuses and content pieces from being made available.

Therefore, on Thursday, April 6 at roughly 8 PM CEST, we’ll be applying a hotfix that will reduce the maximum amount of Legionfall War Supplies a player can stockpile to 1000. This will ensure that building construction can proceed at a regular pace, while still allowing you to keep hold of several turn-ins worth of War Supplies if you like.

Note that, when this hotfix is applied, any Legionfall War Supplies you have over the cap of 1000 will be lost. If you’re currently carrying more than that, please make sure to turn those extra War Supplies in before Thursday.