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#1 - 2017/04/04 02:06:00 PM
Am i the only one having an issue with not being able to see / get any quests at the Mage Tower in the Broken Isles? I do have it constructed and everything but all the NPC that gives the quests says is:

I'm here to aid and advise you on the Indirect threats that the Legion poses. Theese missions will be extremely difficult, please be prepared.

We will require Nethershards to either breach their defenses or provide you with defenses to weather their horrific attacks. I will have some to spare occasionally, but not always. Please prepare accordingly.

At first i though that i would need the achievement '' A Magic Contribution '' but after asking around i've heard that others don't have this achievement aswell whom are doing the challenges. My Artifact Weapon is level 49 & i have done all the quests i can in Broken Isles so far besides '' Defending Broken Isles '' which isn't do-able from what i've heard so far.

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#5 - 2017/04/04 02:54:00 PM
04/04/2017 15:50Posted by Someoneelse
04/04/2017 15:06Posted by Elróy
My Artifact Weapon is level 49

Checking your account achievements I didn't find the second set of traits unlocked.

After doing quests on the Broken Shore you'll be instructed to go to Dalaran and do a quest for each spec and upon completion you are awarded your second set of traits. With 49 old traits you can easily obtain the new 10% trait a maybe a couple of others. You dont lose power with the 10% trait. This should then unlock the mage tower quests as they are the conclusion of that story.

Can confirm this is the case (so Blue-tagging for visibility): You'll need to have empowered your Artifact by completing the short questlines to unlock the new traits. Once done, you'll be able to take the challenge quests from the Mage Tower.

Good luck!