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#1 - 2017/04/03 04:24:00 PM
Why now is it that something the player base helps build by grinding etc get destroyed? Who thought only having a 3 day window to try to unlock their artifact appearance was a "fun" idea? What if other people have stuff to do the days is up? What about the people who cant dedicate so many hours to the tower grind?

In all previous expansions things were build and stayed build, so why now change that?

After the neckbeards get their appearance, they won't contribute to the mage tower anymore, so what are the plebs / casuals supposed to do? That just creates dead content, because the neckbeard players will have no reason to play that content anymore.

I'm no expert, but this whole thing just seems stupid. Grind for over a week + only to have it destroyed after 3 days? What's the fun in that?

Design the challenge with T20 gear in mind, but when said content is released we do not even have that gear? ... seems logical.....

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#23 - 2017/04/03 05:19:00 PM
We will be monitoring region-wide contributions to all buildings pretty closely. If, down the line, we need to turn some knobs on our end it's something we should be able to do. Again, the topic is on our mind and we're watching to see how things play out.

It's also worthwhile to note that "casual" players are the majority, so I don't foresee a world in the near future where the builds don't get completed at a decent pace.