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#1 - 2017/03/29 03:36:00 AM
Trying to break off from the PTR threads thought we should get in here and discuss all the stuff that is going on with live after the changes. Going to bring up some points and would like to see what everyone else has to say. Of course all discussion is welcome and necessary in order to get our points across before ToS.

1. How is everyone with DHC/Katsuo seeing themselves? Babylonius says it's not as big a deal as we thought. IMO sims might show that it is not as bad a nerf, but in practice this is as bad as we thought. I definitely am doing worse than before. The flow sucks and I am not having as much fun as I was before the nerfs. Blood elf almost feels mandatory since it can help negate the effects of the boots with the racial for the opener. Can't imagine not being BE at this point. Bloodlust phases are way worse. All in all I just don't think I'll ever get used to the nerf on Katsuo's.

2. Has anyone tested DHC+Serenity+CoF? I have DHC/Katsuo's/890 CoF and wondering if at this point it's worth going this build. I personally really hate Serenity but if it gives bigger DPS and keeps my spot in the raid, I'll take it.

3. I was gonna mention this one with point #2 but decided against it because it deserves its own mention. CJL chest: OP or not? Babylonius speculates its gonna get nerfed cause it sims higher than the rest by a decent margin. I don't want to include it in the Serenity build cause honestly I can see it getting nerfed since the whole point of the buff was to make it equal to the rest of the leggos. Plus WW never gets to keep any new toys. Anyone got any feedback yet on it?

4. Here's one of my bigger gripes with this patch: Practically lack of new traits with the new tree. I will admit that there are a few specs with dogsh*t traits not just WW. However, if you had DHC and now you have 4/4 Split Personality it doesn't feel like a DPS gain. I just feels like they gave us back the duration they took from DHC and threw it into our tree that costs us millions of AP. This definitely makes the Serenity spec a lot more desirable since the DHC change and this talent makes it a substantial increase over the previous iteration of Serenity.

Well that's it for my rants/points. Please keep the discussion alive and feel free to bring up more points/pick at mine. I'm so close to rerolling Fury and forcing my guild to funnel me a DoS and CoF just so I can finally have some shiny toys and actually get to keep them lol.

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#9 - 2017/03/31 03:03:00 AM
03/30/2017 05:32 PMPosted by Oxandrolone
Can we talk about how the benefit of master of combinations isn't even consistent with that of similar traits among other classes? It has 2 ppm and lasts for 6 seconds per proc, which is fairly weak

I believe the 2 RPPM visible in datamining is leftover data on Master of Combinations, and the actual proc mechanism will cause it to trigger much more often than that. The intention is for it to have similar average value to the similar traits on other specs.