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#1 - 2017/03/29 04:43:00 AM
Q: Do World Quests scale with item level, or will they just become trivially easier for greater rewards?

A: Once you're max level, the world isn't scaling with your gear. There would be problems if we tried to do that - what do you do with a fresh 110 and a raid-geared 110 fighting the same mob in the same place? We could some kind of scaling I guess, like leveling, to normalize it? But I think that would go too far in undermining the core sense of power progression that is part of an MMO

And without any warning or explenation as to why blizzard is now scaling mobs to your ilvl they implement this feature. Its not even listed in the patch notes, just snuck in there.

Going back on your words implementing things blizzard themself said they would never do because it would cause problems and undermine the sense of progression without any warning?

Why would players ever believe anything blizzard ever say anymore?

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#11 - 2017/03/29 06:53:00 AM
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