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#1 - 2017/03/28 09:53:00 PM
Stupid Idiotic thing:

I queue for a Heroic Daily as i do every day and I get Karazhan (That Blizzard added in 7.2).

Here is the catch:

I get kicked out of the group because I dont have the Karazhan Pre-Req:
The Power of Corruption

Since I didn't have the pre-req nor did Blizzard mention it, I got the 10 min wait penalty when I got Kara as the daily random.

So..Now I guess I am forced to do it so in case I get Kara as a Random, I dont get penalized.

Why Blizzard?

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#19 - 2017/03/28 11:06:00 PM
From my understanding, for Heroic, this is a bug that we are in the process of hotfixing - Return to Karazhan (Heroic) should not have an attunement attached to it.

Return to Karazhan (Mythic) will continue to have an attunement attached to it and players will need to complete "Power of Corruption" before entering.

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#30 - 2017/03/28 11:45:00 PM
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If I were 'human' like this at my firm I'd be canned in about five minutes~

Must be a terrible place to work
Apples and oranges, really. Folks come out of the wood works on days like this, so it's best to just avoid feeding the trolls and such.

The answer was given, this thread isn't going anywhere special.