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#1 - 2017/03/23 05:10:00 PM
Over the last few PvP seasons, we’ve seen an increased request from the community for Blizzard to publish projected estimates of how much PvP rating a character will need in order to be awarded a title. We’ve been discussing the idea, and would like to give it a try.

IMPORTANT: What follows is purely an estimation based on current ladder rankings and participation. The final cutoffs will only be determined once Legion Season 2 has actually concluded, and have the potential to be significantly different than what is listed below due to a wide variety of factors. Meeting or exceeding one of these cutoffs does not in any way guarantee that you will receive that tier of rewards once the season has ended.

Estimated 3v3 Arena Cutoffs:
  • Fearless Gladiator (Horde): 2900
  • Fearless Gladiator (Alliance): 2860
  • Gladiator (Horde): 2630
  • Gladiator (Alliance): 2650
  • Duelist (Horde): 2200
  • Duelist (Alliance): 2200
  • Rival (Horde): 1940
  • Rival (Alliance): 1920
  • Challenger (Horde): 1650
  • Challenger (Alliance): 1640

Estimated Rated Battleground Cutoffs:
  • Hero of the Horde: 2530
  • Hero of the Alliance: 2460
  • Guardian of the Horde: 2200
  • Guardian of the Alliance: 2140
  • Defender of the Horde: 1920
  • Defender of the Alliance: 1880
  • Soldier of the Horde: 1670
  • Soldier of the Alliance: 1660

Remember, these are only a projection of what the final cutoffs could be based on current ladder standings. These are not a guarantee of what will be finalized once the season has finished.


Edit: Updated rating requirements.

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#80 - 2017/03/27 09:01:00 PM
UPDATE: With the impending arrival of Patch 7.2, we’ve seen a much higher increase in participation on the rated PvP ladders than we had previously anticipated. Since title cutoffs are based on a percentage of the total number of participants, this means that rating requirements will be higher than we previously estimated. We’ve updated the original post with some new estimates. While these should be closer to the final requirements, remember that these are still just estimates, as the actual cutoffs will not be determined until Legion Season 2 has ended.