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#1 - 2017/03/22 05:27:00 AM
I have life outside this game and I don’t have the time to learn everything perfect at once, I want to enjoy this game and learn things step by step but today I made a crucial mistake, I didn’t not know the proper way to place a keystone in a mytic+ dungeon. I guess I deserved all the things people called me and even my poor mother, because she gave birth to such a worthless person or worse.
End of story,, there has to be a way that you can report this people for their obscene language, I have reported several person but Blizzard doesn’t seem to care about that. Well how about if I started to give back what they are serving me, is that a climate we want on this game. People barking at each other’s like dogs, is this the legacy of world of warcraft ?

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#33 - 2017/03/23 10:52:00 AM
It's never a pleasant experience to be harassed in-game, especially over simple mistakes or even just because it's your first time running that content and I'm sorry to hear of the situation you faced.

In the event you do encounter one of the less savoury types of players again, the best thing to do, as others have mentioned, is report them using the in-game reporting tool. This will also mute that player until you log-out, so you won't see anything else they have to say.

It's also worth keeping in mind that if you put a player on your ignore list, the automated grouping functions for LFG/LFR etc, will avoid (as much as possible) putting you into a group with that player ever again.

All that being said I do think, that as players, we have a tendency to focus more on the negative interactions than the positive or pleasant ones. A little friendliness and politeness will often go a long way, and if expectations are properly set, it tends to avoid situations that can lead to such frustrations.

If you're looking for some likeminded friends to play with I'd recommend checking out this thread, and this thread.