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#0 - 2010/01/06 01:27:24 PM
Shut up about it already. Only a total noob will leave the group just because Oculus popped up with random dungeon. Gratz on having to wait 15 minutes before you can que again when you could have used that time to get like 6 badges (now 8). Not to mention @*!*ing it up for the other 4 people.

Honestly you guys are @*!*ing spoiled brats. It's enough that Blizzard is throwing you 100 triumph and 2 frost badges every day when really they shouldn't, but you can't deal with the fact that there is one heroic, just one that requires (more like required cause it's nerfed now) just a little bit more coordination and communication between players to complete. When I tank Oculus, I get 8 badges in 15 minutes, you stand idle in Dalaran, really now the bosses aren't hard, all the land trash and bosses are just as faceroll as any heroic bosses. With T9 you can kill the mage boss before he even teleports, that's how simple it is now, not like running behind a pillar was any hard either.

As for the drake trash, again it is... well used to be cause it's nerfed now, all about not being a retard and pulling too many drakes at once. But you're all so spoiled with easy heroics that a prot pala and DK can solo, heroics that are just go in AoE/chain pull that you fail at even the simplest tasks now. But as I said it's nerfed now, shorter aggro range, and it's actually possible to solo the drake trash with a red mount.

Some people say it's annoying to mount/dismount lol, well guess what retard, you do that every time you level or grind, you mount, rush to a mob, dismount, kill the mob, repeat for another mob. Or if you AoE grind, mount -> run around 10 mobs -> dismount -> AoE.

And as for the final boss, l2p, the drakes have far less buttons to use than a class. It's already nerfed like hell with drakes scaling with gear and shorter magical ball phase. You should be glad there was one boss in all the early WoTLK heroics you couldn't (entirely) faceroll, even if it was a vehicle fight. But you simply didn't want to improve your gaming performance, you prefered to whine to Blizzard about it hoping they would change it.

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#6 - 2010/01/06 01:47:06 PM
Gear Up, Gear Up, Gear Down, Gear Down, Swing Left, Swing Right, Pull Break, Twist Accelerate (all whilst on the transmission select screen) turned your bike into a sheep on the Manx TT arcade machine.

Moreover, there is a sticky thread on the subject of the Oculus. Please direct your discussions to that thread so feedback on the instance and it's recent changes can be collated there, thanks!