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#0 - 2009/01/16 03:42:30 PM
Unless I'm mistaken, or unless I simply haven't discovered the recipe yet, there is no other flask for tanks that came out in lick king (there is of course elixir of protection, but im talking flasks).

When you compare this flask, that requires some fairly costly mats and look at the bonuses it gives, sure it may be good for some tanks.

Compare it with Flask of Fortification to see just how wrong that is.

Flask of Stoneblood = 650 health for 2 hours
Flask of Fortification = 500 health and 10 defense rating for 2 hours.

Any tank with a brain would go for Flask of Fortification, because gaining 150 health instead of 10 defense rating is a bit terrible. It would be nice if we could get a proper tanking flask, one that level 80 tanks will actually use that doesn't require me to go farm level 70 herbs and have to go to shattrath to create them.

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#8 - 2009/04/08 04:04:17 PM
We currently have plans to improve Flask of Stoneblood so that it will increases the player's maximum health by 1300. We feel that the current 650 health is simply too low, so buffing it seems like the right thing to do.

Please keep in mind that we are not fans of the idea of every new flask or upgrade having the exact same stats as before, but with higher numbers as the only difference. We would like to do something more interesting instead; for an example we are considering the next tanking flask to have the same or lower health, but with extra mitigation stats like armor or defense on it.