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#0 - 2010/01/06 07:52:11 PM
i finally got a trinket i liked, then u seriously change ArP to haste??

why? does blizzard seriously not understand warriors at all?

if people dont want to hit the ArP cap, then dont gem ArP, or dont use 2 ArP trinkets, or just dont use an ArP trinket, this is ridiculous

what the hell does haste do for a warrior? inc my white damage? holy crap, thats what my 25% talent and 20% windfury totem is for, i dont need any more haste, im fine with my rage, haste is completely uselss to me

ArP on the other hand, not only inc my white damage, but the damage of ALL my attacks.


inc white dmg??

or inc all dmg??

idk, seems like a pretty obvious answer which one is better

god damnit blizzard u really suck at knowing warriors, does anyone over at blizard even play a warrior?

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#24 - 2010/01/06 11:46:37 PM
We had a fairly lengthy discussion on this trinket over in the damage dealing forum:

We felt that while haste may not be great for some classes/specs, it isn't like a hard capped Armor Pen stat.