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#0 - 2009/01/19 04:10:32 PM
Hello GC,

I keep reading warlock forums and about our situation which looks very desperate.And suddenly I woke up...At all forums Blizzard employees are talking about constructive ideas and what we can do to balance warlock class especially at PvP.I start feel like (including myself) we are trying to explain a class and its problems and its way to play to a totally stranger and those strangers are trying to understand our problems and they are puuting their best effort to do that.OK here starts the problem.

This class and game build by you, you told there are 11+millions of players which means 130Million ish euros per month which is more then many biggest global companies monthly earnings.So it means u must have thousands of employees who are working on to keeping customers happy to keep cash flow.Even I have 37 employees with alot (I mean A LOT) less monthly cash flow.

Shortly Blizzard build this class and if "IF" some one plays a warlock for 4-5 days (makes 20 arena at each bracket at any battlegroup and 5 battlegrounds from each) u can understand the problems easily.So why u keep asking us???

We need same hp with warriors (as it is before, this is not a buff)

We need self banish for 15 secs (this is not a buff too cause we cant do anything while banished)

Our pets need %100 hp, armor buff+some more cc on targets (can be pummel,knockback,stun).As long as I am playing with same pets for last 4 years, this should be very fair.

We need our extra armour back (I dont mean demon armor) I heard you took it back cause u didnt want locks to tank at pve, I didnt understand why u dont want it and when we say tanking I am tanking 3-4 dps at arena everyday.

We need teleport to cancel stuns (As long as and lock is dieing at 5 secs kidneyshot) and if rogue knows what to do it doesnt matter how much resi u got or how pro player u are)

(I wrote those "constructive" ideas not to let you say this is a QQ post)

At 100 arena matches we didnt come across any warlock team, it means this is broken and if u read u will know how to fix it very easily.I know they are easy cause we had those before, you just took it back because of no reason.

Once again dont act like you dont know what is warlock and dont act like you dont know how to solv it cause we are not stupid and we hope you are not too.

So as result you are keeping warlocks waiting with nonsense questions and answers.Tell me what u will do and tell me why this happened in this way as it is now.Did we irritate some of you???

PS.I am 36 years old so dont post or answer like 15y old kido


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#20 - 2009/01/19 08:31:21 PM
Please refrain from using "Blizzard", "Blue" of any Blizzard poster's name in the thread title as this is another way of calling attention to a thread.

Locking this.