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#0 - 2009/01/22 04:36:27 AM
U're stupid... just plain stupid...

Unless NONE of you are raiding or will raid, then it's acceptible. Example: naxx 25 run has started. ppl are with HS CD in orgrimmar and the summoning stone is inhabited by 25 allies. And this seems to happen ALL THE TIME. So yeah, it's so fun to wait 20 minutes before you can summon 10 ppl to the raid.

Another example: you fight against a boss. You wipe. But oh goody goody a druid with SS died far away so he can ress. Too bad he can't ress the melee which arel too close to the boss so they have to release. About 15 ppl release. What would you rather do: wait 10 minutes till they get there or summon. I'll take the summoning any day of the week.

I saw how you explained the reason why you want this CD. And quite frankly i couldn't believe my eyes.
"So we have an excuse not to summon"




WHAT?! Is summoning so hard? :OOO then tell me where, i didn't see the hard part :SSS
Oh, soulshards? :O they are "really" hard to get while raiding. I mean, i can't make myself to press Souldrain button everytime a mob is low healthed.

And if you aren't raiding, think about other people who are. /rant

PS: the summoning stone thingy which was planned would please both sides.

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#31 - 2009/01/27 04:33:28 PM
Q u o t e:
We had to make a change to the new warlock summoning mechanic at the last second to prevent an exploit. Our apologies to all the law-abiding warlocks who have to suffer with a painful cooldown on your summon in order to fix this problem.

We plan on getting the Ritual working correctly as soon as possible. You won't have to put up with a 2 minute cooldown for more than a few days. Standard caveats apply that this could change for any number of reasons, but we wanted to keep you informed of our plans at this time.

Just a small updated on this: This issue should be fixed with tomorrow's maintenance (Wed, Jan 28).