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#0 - 2009/01/23 03:58:08 PM
Hi everybody,

I am Nokodohere, a holy priest in Wombles of the World on Stormrage server, and I have been holy since level 10.
I spend most of my time online in 5- and 10-men instances so that is what this guide will mainly be about.

Because everybody seems to be complaining a lot about the priest lately I decided to write a guide on what a priest is able to do and why a holy/discipline priest is actually very fun to play!

This guide is not finished, and will perhaps never be, as WoW is always changing, information in the guide can be incorrect, but I try to change anything that is.

Please leave a comment!

Priest Guide

1. What is a healing priest and what are his/her abilities as a healer?

2. Stats and gear for the holy/discipline priest.

3. Holy and discipline priest spells.

4. Holy and discipline talents.

5. Level 80 Holy/Disc priest builds.

6. Leveling as a holy priest.

7. Healing priest glyphs.

8. Healing priest enchants and gems.



9. Priest professions.

10. The 5-second rule

11. Instance gear for the healing priest

Head, Neck and Shoulder:

Back, Chest and Wrist:

Hand, Waist and Legs:

Feet, Finger and Trinket:

Weapons, off-hand Frills and Wands

Ulduar Gear for the Healing Priest

12. Priest addons

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#39 - 2009/01/27 01:52:38 PM
Blue tagging this one also. Great work!