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#1 - 2017/03/14 04:23:00 AM
Dear Blizzard,

We, your clients, request that you submit a formal business case for the creation of a class specialist role that actively manages and advocates for the development of their respective classes. We request this in light of your promise for "better communication" and to address the myriad of unanswered concerns for each class.

In doing so, we hope that the class representative will provide insight once a month on the development, direction, and rationales behind changes and progresses with each class, alleviating client concerns about the delivery of services for which they are paying for.

It is our hope that these class managers will be the liaison contact between clients and service delivery experts (the developers), and that they will seek to actively address client concerns or provide transparent answers regarding upcoming changes (or lack of upcoming changes) and pain points raised by your client base.

I hope that the player base will respond to this thread by voting, posting, and keeping this thread relevant to bring to your attention the 12 years of loyalty that your client base has to your product and brand, and the faith that they place within your service delivery teams to rectify, improve, and continue to deliver the quality on which WoW was built.

Kind Regards!

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#10 - 2017/03/14 11:09:00 PM
Please understand-- this forum is for discussion of class development, which is a set of in-game topics. Please try to stick to classes/specs/spells/gameplay considerations here.

Thank you.