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#1 - 2012/10/05 06:25:00 PM
I can't get this saying out of my head ever since I started playing WoW:MoP!

But, it actually does make me "slow down" and realize what's going on around me more.

I now find myself slowing down and enjoying the game itself more.
I take the time to admire and be amazed by the new Pandora continent.
I now take the time to read all the quest text and dialogue.

Slowing down has actually made me enjoy playing even more!
I appreciate more the world we were given to explore.

Thanks Blizzard for making me realize that we all need to "slow down" sometimes!

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#12 - 2012/10/05 07:59:00 PM
With the stunning scenery throughout Pandaria, I find myself taking the time to pause and smell the digital roses on more than one occasion. Not everything has to be a race to the finish line, but if you enjoy the race, go for it!

Me? I’m taking a page from the Pandarens by kicking back and enjoying the experience at my own pace.

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#39 - 2012/10/06 12:23:00 AM
The problem with "Slow Down" is that Patch 5.1 is due to hit PTR "soon" and most of us don't have Shado-Pan or August Celestials done yet, lol.

I mean, yeeesh.

Maybe the content is zipping by too fast for the general population who have lives outside of WoW?

You don't need to finish everything by tomorrow. If we release new content and you haven't gotten to it yet it'll still be available when you get there. Pandaria won't be going back into the mists any time soon. ;)