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#0 - 2009/02/01 04:17:05 AM
have any1 of u considered skipping the starfall spell since its kind of worthless for pvp (even tho its not channeling) because im really annoyed with it atm

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#19 - 2009/02/04 02:05:13 PM
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For PvP i dont find much use of it in arena, specialy if i play with a CC class, it often indend to break CC sutch as blind / sheep etc, i dont use it often, but its good to have for some PvE situations and when questing

Well if you spend most of your time playing Arenas, then Typhoon is possibly a better spell to focus on as it brings more utility for PvP. Starfall was never supposed to force targets out of stealth, and since we are moving away from random stun chances on spells and attacks, Starfall no longer has a chance to stun targets.

Starfall is a damage spell, and although it does AOE damage, it also works well against single targets. The advantage of Starfall is that it is not a channeled spell, so once you have activated it, it does extra damage while you can continue to focus on using other spells such as Starfire, Wrath, Hurricane, etc.

It does affect a large area when used, which means that there is a risk of getting aggro from more mobs than you want if you are not careful, but in less cluttered areas or during single target fights this is not really a problem. If you cast Starfall and then keep using your other spells, then your DPS will be higher than if you do not cast it.

Some of you have voiced concerns about the poor coefficient on Starfall, which we think is a valid concern indeed, and we are therefore looking into hotfixing it to something more reasonable.