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#0 - 2010/01/07 09:37:43 PM
ok seriously, i have such high output with holy spec, I am avg 3500-4k healing per sec sometimes with just CoH Flash heal and Renew

however i know that disc is effective, I disc heal on Gormak because his DPS is so predictiable but other than that I can't seem to effectivly disc heal,

whenever I tank heal with disc i'm dead last on the meters and i can't seem to take my target off the tank to even sheild someone without the tank dropping below 50% where I will shield penance renew and flash heal, then I have to wait 5 more seconds before i can penance again... it doesn't seem effective what am I missing???


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#25 - 2010/01/08 03:52:57 PM
Discipline is both about preventing damage and anticipating it. You want to try to prevent as much as you can with shield, but you also want to make sure you anticipate the next damage that is going to come in and put out Prayer of Mending on them as well as prepare to Penance when they get a large damage spike tossed their way. If you know the fight well enough, a well thought out Pain Suppression can also buy you some time to use non-spec specific heals such as either Flash Heal or Greater Heal depending on what you feel you need and can afford mana-wise.Despite the feeling of Renew being costly, that additional HoT (which can stack with others) can help a lot with the timing between larger or more direct heals.

I know many people have said that healing as Discipline is easy, but in my own opinion, the really good Discipline priests are juggling a lot more than just spamming out shields.

*Disclaimer, just my opinion and mileage may vary for others depending on spec, gear, enjoyment