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#0 - 2009/02/05 08:26:03 PM
As many of you know the next major content patch will include some very exciting things, such as Ulduar, a new epic raid dungeon, a wealth of new items, and much more. We thought players would especially enjoy reading just a few of the class changes we're currently planning. Please keep in mind, that this list is not at all comprehensive, and more importantly subject to change.
  • Chain Lightning – now jumps to 4 targets but does less damage. We wanted to make the distinction between Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning more clear.
  • Storm, Earth and Fire – this talent now increases all damage done by Flame Shock, not just periodic damage.
  • Spirit Weapons – now reduces all threat, not just melee threat.
  • Unleashed Rage – reduced to 2 ranks, now also increases your critical strike chance with melee attacks by 1/2%.
  • Totem streamlining: The Mana Spring and Healing Stream Totems have been combined. The Disease Cleansing and Poison Cleansing Totems have been combined.
  • We are also working on giving Enhancement and Elemental more PvP utility.
For details of other class changes upcoming, please check out the following thread in General:

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#1 - 2009/02/05 08:41:00 PM

And... hmm, improvements for Enhancement?

I must be dreaming.

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#382 - 2009/02/13 01:22:43 PM
Cheers guys and girls for all the valid and helpful slices of feedback! They've been passed on and we welcome further constructive thoughts on the announced changes.