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#0 - 2009/02/09 05:08:41 PM
I am out skinning on my DK to up her skill in Hellfire. The mobs that I am killing are orange to me to skin. Now it was my last understanding that skinning something that is orange to me was suppose to give a point for every skin yellow was suppose to be a point around 50-40% of the time and green even less. This is what i experienced in old world while lvling to 300 skinning. Now that I am working towards 375 i am finding myself having to skin 2 or 3 mobs that are orange to skin just for one point did I miss something on how the skill ups are for skinning now or is there something screwy with the mobs I am skinning in Hellfire.

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#1 - 2009/02/09 05:11:18 PM
Hi Silivren,

Skinning is pretty different compared to other tradeskills. Those oranges won't always guarantee a point. Oranges are your new Yellows while greens may still give you points. Try posting in the professions forum for more information.