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Regional FlagScepter of the Shifting Sands chain problem!Source
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#0 - 2009/02/28 11:26:25 PM
Hey I kind of recently started the Scepter of the Shifting Sands chain, main reason for that is just for it epicness! But sadly There is one quest (if not more) I simply Cannot Complete due to the fact that im Hated with Gadgetzan (Exalted with Bloodsailers). How should i know i couldnt complete this EPIC chain cus of just one error i did in the pass, I say Change the person you are turning the quest into, maybe a lone goblin outside gadgetzan or something like that which is not effected by any rep faction!

I talked to GM about the issue and he said i should do a quest from a goblin outside there and cash in Cloth and other materials to gain my rep Slowly towards neutral. I mean, Who in the world got the time to farm that those amount of cloth? I know i dont!

And so I ask you blizzard to change it, so that other people like me might also complete this Epic chain!



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#5 - 2009/03/02 02:57:27 PM
Q u o t e:
The same guys who have the time to grind Bloodsail to Exalted.

It's true though, you will need to re-grind your Goblin rep back up in order to interact with the NPCs in question. There are no plans to change the faction of quest related NPCs to benefit those that decided to be a scurvy pirate. =)