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#0 - 2010/01/19 11:22:03 AM
Hi, i was thinking the "tinkertab" should be useable on other non-engineer players. Lorewise it seems plausible that a non-engineer can use an apparatus made by an engineer. Basicly to start a machine you have to push a button. sorry for the stupid analogy but james bond uses gadgets that are made for him by engineers. A car is engineered but most of us can learn how to drive. I'm not saying all recipes should be made usable for none engineers but i'd feel a bit more usefull if i could enhance guildmates. I think engineering is awesome and has some really nice aplications that make the game more fun for me, but It takes a lot of time and gold to skill up this profession and in the end we can't actually make money on AH with it. So developers please consider this when creating the next expansion :) Am i right about this or am i overlooking something. thanks in advance for replying.

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#4 - 2010/01/22 03:09:49 PM
One of the main purposes of engineering in WoW is to provide additional useful, strong or just fun personal benefits through all kinds of cool specialized items and gadgets that are not available to others, unless they are also engineers of course :-)

Engineering is indeed a special profession since the crafted items are pretty much limited to engineers only, but the various personal advantages and benefits you can get from those crafted items are something that no other profession can deliver. Money making however is not one of these benefits though, as it is a rather costly profession to level that is usually of little benefit to non-engineers. And this is usually the part that we see most complaints about, as the personal benefits provided by this profession for some players are less valued than making money.

This is not to say that these complaints are not valid, and it could most certainly be interesting to see more ideas from you guys on how to make this profession more interesting for engineers and non-engineers alike :-)