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#1 - 2017/02/11 01:14:00 AM
Just saw the new AP requirements for maxing the weapon to 71 in game version 7.2 (current data from PTR): 4 billion AP. This just reeks of infinite grind a la Diablo III. The time getting your weapon from 54 to 71 in game version 7.2 will take four times as much time (955 mythic+7-9 runs) as getting it from 0 to 54 in 7.1.5 (250 runs). I don't know from where you game designers take the opinion that grind is the correct answer to Warlords of Draenor boredom or that grind is fun at all. Let me tell you: It will simply and heavily burn ppl out. Considering the legendary system and the massive rng grind mechanics this game is not fun anymore for competetive pve players that rely on skill. The game is more and more being transformed into a luck and time based Diablo III grinder and thereby giving up on the special place it currently had amongst most MMOs. I urge you to rethink the way you implement this system, I personally am so damn sick of being forced into grinding endless mythic+ dungeons if I want to stay competetive.

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#38 - 2017/02/14 09:03:00 PM
Just a quick note: the 7.2 Artifact Knowledge and Artifact Power curves that have been datamined are not final - what you're seeing is just temporary values. With those temporary values, the increase from Artifact Knowledge scales linearly, while the Artifact Power required to purchase the next trait increases exponentially. This makes it seem as though the new traits are intended to require far more effort to earn than was the case in 7.0, which is not the case.

The PTR build coming today doesn't yet have the correct numbers, but next week's build should. At that point, you should see a much lower expectation for how much effort will be required to unlock the new traits.