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#1 - 2017/02/03 10:03:00 AM
1st must say amazeing quest line for the artifact and great looks as a reward i enjoyed pushing myself out of my comfort zone and getting into doing just normal and heroic raids after a lil push from Ruin and Obake <3

But and the big but is you seriously expect us to do it for every char ?the quest line that is ? why didnt you make the achivement account wide .

I am sorry if this has come over as whiney i was just so :( when i noticed i will have to (by my own choice) do it again for some truely good looking skins .

You have us grind AP and mythic+s but please have rethink about this its just to much .

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#47 - 2017/02/10 10:20:00 AM
10/02/2017 09:48Posted by Boreas
Personally i would like it if they would upgrade the drop chance on the friggin essences from EN
Swithed character in november (was a feral druid and the RSI just wasnt worth the output) But now ive had 2 essences drop per full EN heroic clear. Just make it 100% from EN heroic that way even alts can speed it up a tiny bit.

Good news, we're looking into increasing the drop rate of Corrupted Essences in the future, to avoid having players stalling out for too long on this step. I don't have an ETA right now, but it's definitely something on our radar.

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#86 - 2017/02/14 10:15:00 AM
Just an update, the droprate of Corrupted Essences was increased during the hotfixes applied last night.


I've seen a few players asking why the base artifact appearance from this questline is required to equip the other appearances on the row, whereas this isn't the case with the hidden artifact appearance.

The intent is that all rows require the first appearance to be unlocked before being able to use the rest of the colour variants. It's actually a bug that the hidden artifact appearance allowed you to use the colour variants without unlocking the base hidden appearance. However, since we're not entirely happy with how hidden artifact appearance unlocks went for some specs, we decided to leave it as it is.

The rest of the feedback in this thread is being heard and passed on, thanks for keeping it (mostly) constructive.

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#102 - 2017/02/15 02:45:00 PM
15/02/2017 14:21Posted by Shumensko
15/02/2017 14:17Posted by Lightglass
Was it buffed this reset? Last run I got 2. Today I got 22.

Now THAT's some buff. When i saw the blue post i assumed 50-100% buff, not 10x. Hopefully that will put an end to this thread.

Yep, for a bit of clarification the increase is that you are guaranteed to get at least 1 Corrupted Essence per boss now, with a reasonably high chance of getting more than 1.