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#1 - 2016/07/24 05:29:00 AM
So this last Thursday I made a trip to Robin Williams' memorial island to pay my respects in honor of his birthday. Being that I am 35 I remember a good majority of his movies and his role as Mork. To my surprise when I got there his lamp was missing.

I opened a ticket to try and see if maybe this was some kind of glitch that occurred with the change over to Legion. The GM was surprised as me that it was removed or had gone missing and suggested I make a post here asking for it to be restored. So yea, developers you don't have to even explain why it was removed, please just restore it so that in future those that would like to pay their respects to this wonderful man, even if it is a sort of virtual way, can do so.

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#82 - 2017/02/08 11:18:00 PM
Seems resolved then, eh? :)

Closing due to necro.