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Regional FlagThe new OP classes in 3.1?Source
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#0 - 2009/04/03 05:38:25 AM
Honestly, I cannot tell from reading the patch notes atm. I am going to attempt Druid/Warrior seriously when the patch hits (Trying it now, getting stuck at 1750 due to DK/Healer Hunter/Healer) From the buffs I have seen to both classes, I expect it to be a cake walk to 2.2k. Anyone want to argue with me on that one?

Edit: The real question is, what classes will be OP come 3.1? Cause there has to be atleast a couple.

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#25 - 2009/04/04 02:14:09 AM
I just wanted to pipe in here since OP tends to point toward the highest bursty classes and mention that we want there to be a bit less burst than we are seeing now. We also know that healers tend to be pretty powerful and can overcome a lot of sustained dps, so we are trying to get somewhere in between. We want coordinated bursts to be effective instead of just 1 class doing it by themselves and we want to avoid healers completely dominating and giving us some good old 40+ minute battles of boredom. We will see how things turn out in 3.1.