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#0 - 2010/10/04 04:25:13 AM
SInce the latest patch Lifebloom and wildgrowth are not funtioning properly. Both of them cannot be used with macros or healbot. Please please fix this soon so the druid is viable for testing. I cant heal without it.
Also just a side note... The nerf on nourish was too much. The cast time is to long for the amount that it heals for. Considering Nourish is needed to keep up your stacks of lifebloom the almost 3 second cast is too long considering lifebloom only lasts 8 seconds. It may be ok if your only healing a tank but if your trying to keep a party up in a dungeon to much time gets spent trying to keep lifebloom on the tank up and the group dies. Please rethink this. I know your trying to cut down on people just throwing out mindless heals but this is too much. Ive been a druid healer since bc and I have never struggled to heal. I always welcome a challenge but i dont want to beat my head against a brick wall and get no results.

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#20 - 2010/10/05 10:36:44 PM
This is a (dumb) limitation of our macro system, where it gets confused if you have two spells with the same name. In this case, the Tree of Life Lifebloom is actually a different spell than normal Lifebloom. The macro tries to cast (normal) Lifebloom, sees that you can't because it isn't allowed in Tree of Life, and just bails. Lifebloom is not the only spell in this category.

We understand why this is bad and are working on a fix.