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#0 - 2008/04/09 08:30:57 PM
Q u o t e:

If so, your anger comes as a result of the pursuance of a fallacious argument.

If you have concerns about forum moderation, please email [email protected] If you'd like to leave feedback regarding the performance of the Community team in general, please contact [email protected]

Any further posts directed at me or the way in which we moderate this forum will be deleted.

LOL, I am sure feedback on the community team is taken just as seriously as class feedback. I am sure by bringing up that address, you are undertaking a great risk.

(Sorry for lack of punctuation.... French keyboard and no admin).

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#15 - 2008/04/09 09:05:13 AM
Q u o t e:

Tis' true. There just isn't anyone else around to focus fire. Man, I feel like an ass now...
I'll just call it a night.

It's almost like the thread locked itself. Thank you.