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#0 - 2007/03/03 05:34:31 AM
Since the other thread was put on a "Low" post limit plz continue here:


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The change affects Frost Nova. Frozen targets were never intended to be frozen after a critical. However, the usage of Ice Lance made it very noticable that being frozen was persisting through being crit, whereas normal damage had a chance to break the state. By insuring that a crit will break the frozen state, back to back crits from Ice Lance won't be occurring and such spikes in damage disappear.

I don't see how it makes Shatter useless, as you are still gaining higher chance of a crit, you just can't two-shot somebody with a zero second cooldown attack.

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Thank you for being reasonable about it. Simply insuring that a break on crit occurred when previously there was only a good chance doesn't really seem like a reasonable excuse to respec or reroll.

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Well, I removed it because it bothered you so much. To actually label it as trolling is, however, a gross exaggeration.

Not really, and if you can't see it why did you mention it and feel the need to defend your statement. It was demeaning to every Mage that plays this game and if it was said by a player it would of most likely been deleted and the poster band for 3 hours.

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#18 - 2007/03/03 07:29:45 PM
Why are you more concerned about me than the change at hand? This thread isn't going to change anything. Obviously, you're more concerned with me than the state of your class.