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#0 - 2007/03/02 08:12:55 PM
A few patches back, we had a nerf to our Imp Fireball and Imp Frostbolt. suspiciously missing from that list was any nerf to arcane missiles. But wait... AM only fires 4 out of 5 missiles most of the time. So there is a 20% dps loss built in right there... no need to nerf it... Thus, no need to fix it...

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#11 - 2007/03/03 10:12:18 PM
It's not like we don't believe people when they say AM or Blink acts funky, it's just that it is a latency related bug and difficult to reproduce on demand and to fully resolve through coding. They both have similar bugs because of the way they both target. A direct damage spell does different checks when casting and firing at their target. Blink and AM use a sort of terrain-mapping function to determine a path, rather than just pinging the target. It's the terrain inconsistencies which cause the failure of the spell, coupled with latency issues.

We've wanted to implement new methods of testing, such as putting 'artificial load' on a test environment, but that can be costly. We're also looking into other possibilities of 'live testing' so that latency can be taken into account, somewhat.

The biggest problem with resolving these bugs has been recreating the variable of network latency, which affects these spells more than other types.