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Regional FlagWhich bear form correspons to which cat form?Source
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#0 - 2009/06/03 01:36:14 AM
I'm confused by how the bear and cat forms correspond. Are they arranged in the same order or something, or do they just look different all together? On the bears, theres two dark/black colored bears, and on the cats theres only one. I can see how the white one matches up but that's about it.

When you change your druids skin color/hair color, I thought that it would kind of create a theme for your druid, making the forms have the same color schemes. I simply can't tell what goes to what with this.

My question is, do the forms match up in color, or when you change your character's color will it give you two completely different forms?

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#13 - 2009/06/03 03:01:00 AM
We're working on putting together a list of the skin tones, hair colors and their associated druid form skins. We hope to post it this week at some point after the final installment of the new art is revealed.